Axiovert200 도립형광현미경

  • Model : ZEISS Axiovert 200 도립형광현미경


  • Photography Port:

    Trinocular head with camera-video port or

    Camera port on side of frame.


    Special Features:

    Inverted design for view petri dish cell culture

    specimens from the bottom of the dish.

    Fluorescence Vertical Illuminator for Reflected Light.

    Halogen Illuminator Overhead for Transmitted Light.

    Sextuple 6-Place Nosepiece.


    Objective Lenses:

    A-Plan 5x/0.12 Infinity /- 

    A-Plan 10x/0.25 Infinity /-  PH1

    LD-A-Plan 20x/0.30 Infinity / PH1

    LD-A-Plan 40x/0.50 Infinity / PH2


    Fluorescence Filter Cubes:

    Rotating Turret Holder with places for FIVE cubes: DAPI, FITC, TRITC

    Eyepiece :10X/23 image angle 24.7 degree

    Condenser 6 position H,ph1,ph2,ph3 and DIC

    Mechanical stage with universal mounting frame K


    100W HAL lamp housing with collector,

    HBO 100W mercury lamp hosuing and power supply

    Low Postion XY stage moment for Right Hand Operation.

    Iris stop slider.