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  • The PAXcam Digital USB 2.0 Camera System

     Affordable camera for microscopy, with an easy-to-use interface  Beautiful, high-resolution images; true color rendition  Fully integrated package with camera and software  USB 2.0  interface for the fastest live digital color preview on the market  Easy-to-use interface for color balance, exposure & contrast control, including focus indicator tool  Adjustable capture resolution settings (true optical resolution - no interpolation)  Auto exposure, auto white balance and manual color adjustment are supported  Acquire images directly into the PAX-it archive for easy workflow  Easy one-cable connection to computer; can also be used on a laptop  Adjustable region of interest means smaller file sizes when capturing images  Stored presets may be used to save all camera settings for repeat conditions

    Capture Images Directly to PAX-it Image Database Software 


    Special Package Pricing PAXcam USB 2.0 Digital Camera System includes:  PAX-it Image Database Software / interface  USB 2.0 digital camera, card and cable   Free tech support & software updates for one year PAXcamEDU (1280 x 1024) PAXcam2 (1600 x 1200) PAXcam3 (2048 x 1536) PAXcamARC (Adjustable Resolution to 5120 x 4096) 


    PAX-it!  File & retrieve images in easy-to-use cabinet/folder structure  Store images, video clips, documents, and other standard digital file types  Images and other files are in a searchable database that you design!  Annotate images with circles, arrows, text; add a calibrated scale bar  Add written notes & dictated messages to images   Link to MS PowerPointTM and MS-WordTM for easy construction of presentations and reports  Link to email service for sending images, notes, & data as attachments  Additional modules for image processing, network sharing, web-sharing, image analysis, tutorial production, extended security, CD/DVD archiving, telepathology; 21 CFR Part 11 compliance