BX41 형광현미경

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  • Photography Port Head: U-TR30-2

    Special Features:

    Fluorescence Vertical Illuminator for Reflected Light.

    Halogen Bottom Illuminator for Transmitted Light.

    Low Postion XY stage moment for Right Hand Operation.

    U-D6RE: Sextuple 6-Place Nosepiece.

    U-25ND6 Neutral Density Filter Slider.


    ObjectiveLenses: (Markings: Olympus Japan)

    All are ICS infinity corrected optical system.

    UPlanFl 4x/0.13 Infinity /-

    UPlanFl 10x/0.30 Infinity /-

    UPlanFl 20x/0.50 Infinity /0.17

    UPlanFl 40x/0.75 Infinity /0.17

    UPlanFl 60x/1.25 Oil Immersion, Infinity /0.17,

    UPlanFl 100x/1.30 Oil, Infinity /0.17.


    Six filter cubes.

    The following brand new filter cube sets are included: DAPI, FITC, TRITC.
    Frame model: Olympus BX41TF


    Basic Features:

    Substage Light Condenser Model: U-AC2.

    WH 10X/22. Widefield High Eyepoint.

    U-LH100HG: 100 Watt High Pressure Mercury Arc Lamp Housing.

    Mercury Bulb 100W Power Supply: BH2-RFL-T3 (100-120V).

    U-LS30: 12 Volt, 30 Watt Quartz Halogen Lamp Housing.

    100-120V/220-240V, 50/60 Hz. with iris diaphragm and 1.25 numerical aperature.