Typical components of a fluorescence microscope are 

light source,excitation filter, dichroic mirror and emission filter. These components make Fluorescence microscope expensive.

We, LEAM solution, were retrofitted the inexpensive fluorescence microscope with re-configuring collector lens instead of components of inexpensive fluorescence microscope.

The difference between big 4 fluorescence microscope & inexpensive microscope.

Weak intensity of HBO makes a bad fluorescence image

 HBO intenisty gap

BIG 4 microscopes HBO intenisty 

Inexpensive microscopes HBO intenisty 

 HBO Intensity 

The collector lens needs re-configuration for enhance intensity and We find the best collector lens setup by using simulation program to better intensity provide. 

Collector lens re-configuration

Intensity data of re-configuration collector lens

Comparison of fluorescence images

Inexpensive microscope 

BIG4 microscope 

LE.AM microscope 

LS40 Inverted fluorescence microscope

LS30 upright fluorescence microscope


The letters and opinions from world wide 

.If anyone knows the ‘Achilles Heel’ of this market, this person will be able to do some good with your instrument.  And, if we see any cell culture opportunities for fluorescence, we now know right where to go to solve the challenge.  _ from USA customer 

…It is very interesting.  There is a possibility that we could offer your version of this microscope as a higher level research grade version. _ from United Kingdom customer 

…I admire the results that you have achieved, and would be interested is incorporating your fine work into …….from USA customer 

…as it is not all the time necessary to buy a BIG4 microscope at very high price. We are confident that Koran production is quickly expanding and that sooner or later you will be even competitive with BIG4 producers… from EU customer 

…I think you have made a great point that your microscope is competitive…. from Canada customer