Fluorescence microscope 

Typical components of a fluorescence microscope are 

light source,excitation filter, dichroic mirror and emission filter. 

These components make Fluorescence microscope expensive.

We, LEAM solution, were retrofitted the inexpensive fluorescence microscope with re-configuring collector lens and utilize a CHROMA filter, instead of components of inexpensive fluorescence microscope

The difference between big 4 fluorescence microscope & inexpensive microscope

 HBO intenisty gap

BIG 4 microscopes HBO intenisty 

Inexpensive microscopes HBO intenisty 

 HBO Intensity 

Exciter/Band pass transmittance rate is under 80%

Fluorescence filter transmittance 

The solution of enhancement 

  • Enhancing HBO intensity

The collector lens needs re-configuration for enhance intensity

We find the best collector lens setup by using simulation program to better intensity provide. 

Collector lens re-configuration

  • Comparison of intensity after re-configuration collector lens

Comparison of fluorescence images

Inexpensive microscope 

BIG4 microscope 

LEAM microscope 

LS40 Inverted fluorescence microscope

LS30 upright fluorescence microscope