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The MLP100 High resolution LIV measurement system is a multi-purpose equipment designed for probing, visual and spectral analysis of micron size sample. Built-in Dual side microscope sytem is equiped with long working distance objective lens providing greater performance in the flip and vertical chip analysis.

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Dual side microscope system  

Top and bottom microscopes have long working distance objectives.

Selectable objectives

Long WD 2X,5X,10X,20X,50X and 100X

Dual side Vison system

5M pixel vision cameras and vison software

Dual side spectrometer and spectrum focusing module

Easy to analysis spectrum of  weak signal on the sample.

6” quartz plate can get image the bottom of micron sample .

X-Y travel stage: coarse focus knob and fine focus knob.

X-Y-Z travel Manipulator with magnetic base  

Flip and Vertical chip analysis

포맷변환_50x 10um blue front.jpg

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Vision Software

Image capture, save, motion picture, image fusion  measurement at both of live and captured image  Scale Bar on the image 

Measurment software

Spectrum analysys  and  Wp(peak wavelength), Wd(dominant wavelength),PD Intensity Integrated and Peak intensity, FWHM, I-V(current-voltage) curve, I-sweep or V—sweep L-I-V

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