Research Grade Laboratory Microscopes. Refurbished German and Japanese Models. Can’t afford the cost of new? Need something now? We are the Solution.

There is a significant cost savings from buying a refurbished unit compared to new. We do full reconditioning on the microscopes.  We take them apart and review them piece by piece.  Each component is cleaned and inspected. For moving parts, we re-grease as needed.  When gears or other parts are damaged or broken, we replace them.  We also check for mold and mildew damage, leaking seals in oil immersion objective lenses, and scratched or cracked glass optics.  We check the light alignment and centering mechanism to be sure it is aligned to give the best images.  Sometimes parts are damaged (bent, not moving well or frozen in place) and a proper alignment cannot be achieved.  We verify the proper prism alignment in the viewing heads to ensure you are not seeing any double vision.  As needed, prisms are optically aligned.