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We, LEAM Solution Inc. are innovators producing applicable microscope equipment using already existing microscopes in the market.

Ten years ago, we, LE.AM Solution Inc., dived into the microscope market by selling low-priced microscopes and services.

Back then, we were merely a small technology-related startup company as we had little knowledge and experience with microscope. Therefore, we set off our goals to improve performance and quality of low-priced microscopes to that of high-end products.

Considering that we were not professional microscope manufacturers nor engineers, our marketing strategy was extremely successful in sales with increased number of customers. We were able to respond to our customers and their needs more proactively, and expand our experience with a vast range of microscopes.

We continued to research microscopes of various types, brands and price ranges, spending endless, all the possible ways to upgrade quality of low-priced microscopes; we assembled, disassembled, experimented with microscopes while studying various types of lenses and light sources.

As a result, even before realizing it, we have earned our own wisdom, technical expertise, trust, and reputation in the industry and market through vigorous research and study over the last decade. We have pioneered our own paths of microscope repair service system, and in doing so, we have encountered with newer markets, customers and learned the best possible way to respond to their needs.

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